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  • EvadeClip: “Multi-Use Tool for Escape and Evasion”

    EvadeClip: “Multi-Use Tool for Escape and Evasion”

    If only one thing is certain in this cold, cruel world it’s this: You never know when you’re going to be captured and held against your will. If you find yourself in just such a situation, you’ll be pretty much out of luck, unless you have an EvadeClip multi-use tool from TIHK. EvadeClip is only […]

  • Bottle Berner: Bernie Sanders Bottle Opener

    Bottle Berner: Bernie Sanders Bottle Opener

    There’s already a Bernie Sanders beer, and even though it comes in a can it makes sense that there is now a Bernie Sanders bottle opener.  It is catchily called the Bottler Berner from Zootility Tools, who are establishing some surprisingly legitimate progressive credentials by purportedly giving over all the proceeds from the product to […]

  • Sharkbanz: Shark-Repelling Bracelets

    Sharkbanz: Shark-Repelling Bracelets

    We all remember the classic scene in 1966’s Batman in which Batman and Robin use a giant can of shark repellent bat-spray to get out of a typically dangerous situation. But fifty years later, adventurers don’t have to use any cumbersome aerosol bottles to stay clear of man-eating sharks.  They just have to wear a […]

  • Triton Artificial Gills for Underwater Breathing (Video)

    Triton Artificial Gills for Underwater Breathing (Video)

    Breathing underwater, unless you’re Aquaman or an inhabitant of the Hanna-Barbera universe where all you need to do it is a fishbowl on your head, is a process that generally requires a lot of cumbersome scuba gear. Triton artificial gills are purportedly the future of underwater swimming, though, extracting breathable oxygen from your watery surroundings […]

  • Microsoft HoloLens: Holographic Communication (Video)

    Microsoft HoloLens: Holographic Communication (Video)

    I guess with a Doctor Strange movie coming out, astral projection is going to be hot again very soon. And Microsoft is there to capitalize with the Microsoft HoloLens, new technology that allows users to kinda-sorta astral project themselves anywhere in the world through the power of holograms. Microsoft HoloLens is used for a process […]

  • MIMA Light: A House That Appears to Levitate

    MIMA Light: A House That Appears to Levitate

    Levitation is so hot right now – but if you’re not content with floating trees or chopsticks, you may not be satisfied until you can actually live in a house that floats a few feet above the ground (or appears to, anyway). For you, there’s the MIMA Light, a modular home with a built-in optical […]

  • ATMO SFERA Platterless Turntable

    ATMO SFERA Platterless Turntable

    If you want your record collection to have the most comfortable, elegant experience possible when they’re spinning for your aural pleasure, you may want to consider the ATMO SFERA Platterless Turntable, the product of Italian engineering and a team led by inventor Alexander De Zuanne. The ATMO SFERA Platterless Turntable isn’t quite as radical as, […]

  • Lansky AX-911 Fireman’s Battle Axe

    Lansky AX-911 Fireman’s Battle Axe

    In a perfect world, you will never need a “battle axe” for any reason, unless of course that’s what you call your wife. But most of us don’t live in a perfect world, and still others actually work as firefighters, so it’s nice to know that the Lansky AX-911, also known as the Fireman’s Battle […]

  • TrapTap Wireless Speed Trap Indicator

    TrapTap Wireless Speed Trap Indicator

    Radar detectors for the primary purpose of avoiding speed traps are nothing new.  They are also, unfortunately, nothing legal. But in the smart technology era, it makes sense there would be a legal workaround that doesn’t involve any illegal monitoring of law enforcement radar signals, and it’s called the TrapTap. Rather than detecting radar directly, […]

  • ‘Art of Time': Seiko’s Rube Goldberg Contraption (Video)

    ‘Art of Time': Seiko’s Rube Goldberg Contraption (Video)

    The art of watchmaking carries an inherent limitation; the artist’s creation must be contained inside a watch. A new ad from watch brand Seiko turns that art loose on a (relatively) huge contraption in the vein of Rube Goldberg or Mouse Trap, made from watch components and used to make a new ad for the […]