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  • Platinum Sphere Portraits Cost $1M (Pics and Video)

    Platinum Sphere Portraits Cost $1M (Pics and Video)

      There are a practically countless number of artistic media out there. But the most expensive by the square inch would have to be “Platinum Sphere Portraits,” which can render any likeness in 10,000 tiny balls of platinum. As with any endeavor that involves thousands of bits of precious metal, custom Platinum Sphere Portraits cost […]

  • Artist Imagines Celebs With Tattoos (Pics)

    Artist Imagines Celebs With Tattoos (Pics)

    Tattoos are pretty mainstream now, but it’s still pretty distinctive to be really inked up as opposed to just a picture of a dolphin on your wrist or something. So it’s pretty jarring to see the pictures of famous people cooked up by artist Cheyenne Randall, who tatted up an array of celebrities for a new […]

  • CT Scuderia Corsa Watches

    CT Scuderia Corsa Watches

    New from Swiss watchmakers CT Scuderia comes a line of Corsa branded watches, designed by Enrico Margaritelli. The name of the game here is “precision,” with each of the watches under the Corsa line having been engineered specifically for exact measurement of seconds and minutes on the racetrack. But that commitment to chronological precision doesn’t […]

  • The Furies: Throwing Knives From BCX

    The Furies: Throwing Knives From BCX

    When was the last time you threw a knife? There aren’t a lot of contexts in modern day life in which throwing a knife is appropriate, but in case you do have an environment in which you can throw knives, BCX has a pretty slick set for you. They’re called The Furies, and they include […]

  • 21 of the Most Insane Selfies You’ll Ever See

    21 of the Most Insane Selfies You’ll Ever See

    It’s still early, but I’m going to go ahead and call it: 2014 is the year of the selfie. Don’t get me wrong, 2013 was a pretty good year for selfies, too, and really people have been taking stupid, pointless pictures of themselves ever since digital cameras came around and pictures stopped costing them money. […]

  • Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch

    Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch

    Joining the Samsung Gear smartwatch line is the Samsung Gear Fit, a (as you could probably guess from the name) more fitness-oriented smartwatch that doesn’t sacrifice performance for the emphasis on exercise. The dustproof and waterproof Samsung Gear Fit boasts a curved 1.84-inch AMOLED screen, as well as heart rate and sleep monitors, pedometer, and […]

  • Blackphone: A Smartphone for the Privacy-Obsessed (Video)

    Blackphone: A Smartphone for the Privacy-Obsessed (Video)

    When shopping for smartphones, a desire for privacy doesn’t generally enter the equation. Not because consumers aren’t interested in privacy, but because none of the smartphones available on the market put a high premium on privacy. That changes with Blackphone, a product of Silent Circle and Geeksphone what has recently been unveiled at the Mobile […]

  • URB-E: Compact Urban E-Vehicle (Video)

    URB-E: Compact Urban E-Vehicle (Video)

    Living in a city has many benefits, but cheap and convenient transportation isn’t always one of them. But if the future includes the success of URB-E, that might change for a lot of people. The URB-E is billed as the “world’s most compact e-vehicle,” and one look at the URB-E in its compact form shows […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Unveiled (Pics)

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Unveiled (Pics)

    At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung finally took the lid off of their newest flagship smartphone: The Galaxy S5. For the most part, the Galaxy S5 isn’t the huge leap forward from the Galaxy S4 that many were expecting (no iris scanner, for instance), but it does have some very important improvements […]

  • 9 Things You Need To Know About WhatsApp

    9 Things You Need To Know About WhatsApp

    You probably heard the news that Facebook recently acquired the messaging app WhatsApp for an impressive $19 million sum. After the announcement, downloads of the app are reported to have skyrocketed, so it’s also possible that you’re one of the people who never heard of it before the acquisition. If so, here’s a quick primer […]