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  • VCXO “Magic Button” Watch Collection (Video)

    VCXO “Magic Button” Watch Collection (Video)

    There’s something inherently pleasurable, especially in today’s digital world, about a watch with an old-fashioned mechanical movement. But the downside to such a watch is that you’re dependent on some other timepiece to set the time, which can also be a difficult process (unless you have really tiny fingers). The VCXO “Magic Button” collection, which […]

  • GoPro Dual HERO System for 3D Video (Pics)

    GoPro Dual HERO System for 3D Video (Pics)

    The GoPro camera has already revolutionized the way regular people can collect awesome first-person video of their adventures, but now the company is taking the next logical step for any camera maker: 3D video. It’s called the GoPro Dual HERO System, and it works (like most 3D recording systems) by capturing two simultaneous images that […]

  • BKON Craft Brewer (Video)

    BKON Craft Brewer (Video)

    There are lots of ways for beverage hobbyists to brew their own teas or coffees, but the BKON Craft Brewer seeks to provide the easiest and most technologically advanced method yet created. It’s called RAIN, which stands for Reverse Atmospheric INfusion, and it creates a vacuum that infuses the flavors of your choosing with the […]

  • Smart Bedding: Never Make the Bed Again (Video)

    Smart Bedding: Never Make the Bed Again (Video)

    According to the people behind Smart Bedding, “it’s time to rethink your bedding.” That’s because the old traditions of getting tangled up in your sheets as you sleep and then having to sort out the jumble when you make the bed are no longer necessary, thanks to the Smart Bedding system. Smart Bedding essentially works […]

  • The Trapper Keeper Returns as Tablet Case

    The Trapper Keeper Returns as Tablet Case

    Everyone with a working internet connection (or maybe even just a TV set) probably knows that we’re only at the beginning stages of the coming tidal wave of 90s nostalgia, which may wipe all of us from the face of the Earth. The next sign of the coming 90spocalypse is the return of the Trapper […]

  • 9 Best July 4th Fireworks Displays

    9 Best July 4th Fireworks Displays

    There are many reasons that the Fourth of July is an underrated holiday. There’s the fact that you usually get at least one day off out of it (if you’re lucky), and maybe a barbecue or two. But hopefully you’re not too much of a jaded, hardened husk of a person to enjoy a good […]

  • Google Cardboard: DIY Virtural Reality (Video)

    Google Cardboard: DIY Virtural Reality (Video)

    At first I thought Google Cardboard was a leftover April Fool’s Day prank, but it’s actually very real. Basically, it’s a cardboard enclosure that anyone can (supposedly) make for themselves that works in conjunction with your smartphone and a free Google app that gives you a virtual reality experience that doesn’t require any fancy or […]

  • Artist Imagines ‘Pizza Bed’ Concept

    Artist Imagines ‘Pizza Bed’ Concept

    Sure, you love pizza, but do you love pizza so much that you want to sleep with it? If so, you’ll probably be excited to learn about the concept from artist Claire Manganiello that she calls Pizza Bed. As you can see above, Pizza Bed is a bed spread that looks so realistically like the […]

  • Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo

    Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo

    Life was never easy for Aereo, the company that allowed users to stream broadcast TV over the air from small antennas that they leased from far away. Now, the Supreme Court has ruled against them in their fight against the big broadcast networks, and the jig would appear to be up for what was a […]

  • Artists Recreate ‘They Live’ In Downtown LA (Photos)

    Artists Recreate ‘They Live’ In Downtown LA (Photos)

    If you were wandering around downtown Los Angeles recently and saw a scary-looking creature wearing a business suit and talking into his watch, don’t be alarmed, it’s just an alien invasion. Or an artistic recreation of one, anyway—specifically, a recreation of the one depicted in the 1988 John Carpenter film They Live from artists Stephen […]