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  • Oyster: Like Netflix for Ebooks

    Oyster: Like Netflix for Ebooks

    In today’s media landscape it seems like we’re heading towards a world where everything has an equivalent to Netflix. Netflix for ice cream, Netflix for ties, Netflix for pornography. Netflix for ebooks, then, should be a no-brainer, which is why it’s weird that I’m just now hearing about Oyster. According to its website, Oyster “offers […]

  • B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver From AudioEngine

    B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver From AudioEngine

      The sound system of the future (or maybe it’s the present – hard to tell these days) absolutely must be Bluetooth compatible. Otherwise, how are you going to get the music from your phone or computer into your expensive speakers? And the top of the line for this particular problem is AudioEngine’s B1 Bluetooth […]

  • Maine Couple Builds Floating Cabin (Photos)

    Maine Couple Builds Floating Cabin (Photos)

      We’ve written about various architectural triumphs over the element of water over the years. The latest is more homemade than some luxury hotel – this is a cabin floating in the middle of a Maine lake made by Foy and Louisa Brown. Foy Brown, who in his day job works at the family boat-building […]

  • 9 Best Backup Cell Phone Chargers

    9 Best Backup Cell Phone Chargers

    As cell phones have gotten more and more advanced, their batteries have gotten worse and worse. So the need for some kind of backup plan becomes more pronounced, for when you don’t have access to the normal “plug it in when you go to sleep” plan. For those times, here are nine of the best […]

  • Autodromo Stradale Watches

    Autodromo Stradale Watches

    Between 50 and 60 years ago is the generally acknowledged golden age of Italian sports cars, which makes it a fertile period of inspiration for various artists and brands. The latest is Autodromo, which has come out with a line of watches that are inspired by those very automobiles. The new line of watches goes […]

  • Savioke SaviOne Service Robot (Video)

    Savioke SaviOne Service Robot (Video)

    It wasn’t that long ago that I was writing up Jibo, a “robot friend” designed for home use. Now, I bring you the Savioke SaviOne, a robot designed not for the home but for hotels.  It’s a robotic butler that’s designed to deliver guests things like towels, toothbrushes, and any other assorted odds and ends […]

  • Humin: Make Your Contacts Smarter

    Humin: Make Your Contacts Smarter

    It’s a common enough problem: You’re trying to find someone in your iPhone contacts, but you just can’t remember the person’s name. Unfortunately, under the phone’s default settings, you’re pretty much out of luck unless you feel like sifting through hundreds or even thousands of contacts and hoping that something catches your memory. But Humin […]

  • Emberlight: Turn Any Light Bulb Smart

    Emberlight: Turn Any Light Bulb Smart

    Smart light bulbs are pretty big right now, and as technology grows they will only get more popular. But the makers of Emberlight have a different solution for those who crave more energy efficient lighting: Emberlight, an accessory which attaches to any dimmable light bulb and turns it into a smart bulb. Emberlight fits in […]

  • Samsung Announces Galaxy Alpha Smartphone UK Release

    Samsung Announces Galaxy Alpha Smartphone UK Release

    Months have gone by since rumors about the next Samsung smartphone have started picking up speed, and now the company has finally made an official announcement regarding their next move in the smartphone game: The Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha’s chief selling point at this stage is its metal frame, which makes it […]

  • OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker (Video)

    OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker (Video)

    On the list of impressive things for speakers to do, “levitate” would have to be close to the top. Now it’s a reality, with the OM/ONE levitating Bluetooth speaker, billed as the first of its kind by Om Audio. The OM/ONE is equipped with an array of features that you’d expect from a cutting-edge piece […]