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  • Sense: Monitor Your Entire Sleep Environment

    Sense: Monitor Your Entire Sleep Environment

    Now on Kickstarter, there’s a sleep monitor that expands its reach from the user’s immediate person to the entire room in which they sleep. It’s called Sense, and it doesn’t just monitor your activity overnight, but things like ambient light, noise, temperature, and humidity, so you can get a better grip on why you sleep […]

  • IcyBreeze Cooler/Portable Air Conditioner (Video)

    IcyBreeze Cooler/Portable Air Conditioner (Video)

    Imagine this: You’re at a barbecue, with a frosty cooler full of ice-cold beer and soda only a few feet away. But you’re so drained by the sweltering summer heat that you can’t … quite … make it … to the cooler. Instead you fall down dead of heat exhaustion. While this scenario was all […]

  • 9 Things We Think We Know About iPhone 6

    9 Things We Think We Know About iPhone 6

    The (presumably) upcoming iPhone 6 from Apple is the source of hot debate and rumor-milling that only an Apple product can engender. So it might be useful to compile nine of the most interesting iPhone 6 rumors in one place. This, as you have probably already figured out, is that place. So take a look […]

  • 9 Unconventional Tool Boxes and Belts

    9 Unconventional Tool Boxes and Belts

    So you need something to hold your tools in, but you don’t want to look like a tool about it. Understandable, given that there are few groups more fashion-conscientious than handymen. But how can you lug your tools from job to job without doing it like everyone else? That question is ultimately up to you […]

  • Artist Photographs Plants in Space (Pics)

    Artist Photographs Plants in Space (Pics)

    Space used to be called “the final frontier,” but it’s beginning to seem mighty familiar to a lot of Earthling artists and scientists as of late. The latest is Azuma Makoto, who has unveiled a new project known as Exobiotanica, a series of images showcasing various plants in outer space. Exobiotanica was achieved by way […]

  • Jibo: Your New Robot Friend (Video)

    Jibo: Your New Robot Friend (Video)

    Robots tend to get pretty rough treatment at the hands of the media – they’re either mindless laborers or superintelligent killers. But Jibo is a robot that flies in the face of those stereotypes by being friendly, helpful, and (hopefully) not secretly plotting to kill all humans. I’ll be honest, the first time I saw […]

  • 1-Hour Photo: An App for the Patient

    1-Hour Photo: An App for the Patient

    It wasn’t that long ago when places like CVS or Walgreens would advertise “One-Hour Photo” development, the implication being that an hour was no time at all to wait for a completed roll of photographs. A lot has changed since then, though, and now people are used to seeing and sharing photos pretty much instantly. […]

  • ClockONE by Twelve24 (Video)

    ClockONE by Twelve24 (Video)

    The next generation of clocks might look like something from another planet to the people who used to design grandfather clocks and other similar timepieces years ago, but good work is still being done in the field. The latest example is ClockONE, a high-tech clock that takes obvious inspiration from digital clocks of a prvious […]

  • Back Up Your Cell Signal With GoTenna (Video)

    Back Up Your Cell Signal With GoTenna (Video)

    Losing your cell signal can range from annoying to straight-up disastrous, depending on the situation. But what is usually thought of as a constant is the notion that you can’t really do anything about it if it happens, especially if you’re confined to one location. But GoTenna is a way for you to always have […]

  • Suunto Ambit3 GPS Watch

    Suunto Ambit3 GPS Watch

    Filling the gap between a typical sport watch and the future of smartwatches is the Ambit3 from Suunto. Suunto’s Ambit3 is equipped with a wide array of features that help you track exercise data like speed, heart rate, distance, and more, but that’s not the entirety of its impressive capabilities. In addition to similar tracking […]