• Supreme “Malcolm X” Capsule Collection

    Supreme “Malcolm X” Capsule Collection

    New from Supreme is a small collection of pieces bearing the image of iconic civil rights leader Malcolm X, designed to freak out white dads everywhere. The Supreme “Malcolm X” capsule collection includes a baseball shirt, shorts, and a beach towel, all in an olive and black color scheme accompanying Malcolm X’s iconic visage. The Supreme “Malcolm X” […]

  • adidas Palace Pro Sneaker Launch Film (Video)

    adidas Palace Pro Sneaker Launch Film (Video)

    The collaboration between Palace Skateboards and adidas has reached its latest stage with a short and weird launch video for the adidas Palace Pro, a new sneaker design expressly designed for this adidas x Palace Skateboards collaborative collection. When I describe the adidas Palace Pro introductory video as “weird,” I wasn’t just filling space – […]

  • Ralph Lauren’s New “Uberluxe” Milan Concept Store Will Serve VIPs Only

    Ralph Lauren’s New “Uberluxe” Milan Concept Store Will Serve VIPs Only

    Exclusivity is a dying animal in today’s increasingly digitally democratic world, but thankfully there are still some old guards like Ralph Lauren keeping the flame alive. The fashion designer recently announced the opening of a 11,840-square-foot concept store in Milan that will cater only to the brand’s best and most important customers. Ralph Lauren refers to the […]

  • Nixon ‘Star Wars’ Watch Collection Unveiled (Video)

    Nixon ‘Star Wars’ Watch Collection Unveiled (Video)

    Close your eyes and try to visualize a “Star Wars watch.” The resulting image probably doesn’t look like something you would actually wear outside, but the people at Nixon have come up with a line of Star Wars watches and accessories that look pretty good. It’s the Nixon Star Wars collection, the subject of a short teaser from the brand. […]

  • HUF x G-Shock GD400 Watch (Photos)

    HUF x G-Shock GD400 Watch (Photos)

    Skateboard brand HUF has launched a new collaboration with the Casio G-Shock line of digital watches. It’s the HUF x G-Shock GD400, a gosh-darn handsome sequel to the preexisting (and skate-inspired) G-Shock GD400. The upgrades over the original GD400 model seen in the HUF x G-Shock GD400 include a metal face protector, a “super illuminator” […]

  • Slang: New App Is “The Ultimate Sneaker Marketplace” (Video)

    Slang: New App Is “The Ultimate Sneaker Marketplace” (Video)

    If you’re looking for an easier way to both buy and sell sneakers, a new app on the market is here just for you. It’s called Slang, and it’s purported to be “the ultimate sneaker marketplace, in your pocket.” Slang seeks to simplify the act of putting your sneakers for sale by way of an interactive template […]

  • NikeLab Free Rift Sandal

    NikeLab Free Rift Sandal

    The Nike Air Rift gave runners the most minimalist running shoe possible back in 1996, the year it was released, and now that sneaker is making a quasi-comeback in the form of an even more minimalist shoe style: The sandal. It’s the NikeLab Free Rift Sandal, combining Nike Free technology with a Rift-like one-piece upper. […]

  • Timex Waterbury Collection Released (Photos)

    Timex Waterbury Collection Released (Photos)

    Believe it or not, watch brand Timex is still in the process of celebrating their over 160 years in business, most recently with a new collection of watches that are characteristically stylish, durable, and functional. It’s the Timex Waterbury collection, a new line of affordable yet classic Timex timepieces. The Timex Waterbury collection uses premium […]

  • Nike Air Trainer 1 “Jerry Rice”

    Nike Air Trainer 1 “Jerry Rice”

    One of the latest Nike releases is a tribute to Jerry Rice, legendary wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers. And it’s that team that provides the chromatic inspiration for the colorway that takes his name, in the Nike Air Trainer 1 “Jerry Rice” sneaker. The 49ers aren’t the only aspect of Jerry Rice’s past to […]