• Bavarian Sausage Hand Soap From Frank Leder

    Bavarian Sausage Hand Soap From Frank Leder

    The two concepts of “sausage” and “soap” probably exist at two wholly separate points in your mind—after all, when was the last time you felt clean after chowing down on sausage? But they say conflict is the essence of all meaning, and the pairing of sausage and hand soap might be an inspired one from […]

  • 9 Classic Colognes Every Man Should Try

    9 Classic Colognes Every Man Should Try

    Regardless of what field you’re interested in, you have to respect the classics. That’s true of literature, film, sports, pornography, POG collecting, and so on. It’s also true for colognes. So if you’re at all interested in men’s fragrances, you have to at least try these nine classic colognes. These nine colognes are from a […]

  • Good Clean Mud Hand Cleanser

    Good Clean Mud Hand Cleanser

    Mud usually gets a bad rap in the cleanliness department, since it often sticks to stuff like cars and jeans and turns into a mess. But it can also be used as a hand soap if it’s formulated properly, which is the idea behind Good Clean Mud hand cleanser. That formulation entails combining authentic bentonite […]

  • Redbeard Brew Bars: Natural Beer Soap

    Redbeard Brew Bars: Natural Beer Soap

    Even if you’re the most intense beer lover on your block, it’s unlikely that you ever tried to bathe in it (shower beers are one thing, but you still drink them in there). But there’s a new company that’s selling bars of soap made from their own beer, and they’re called Redbeard Brew Bars. Redbeard, […]

  • K-Y Launches ‘Sexercises’ Campaign (Videos)

    K-Y Launches ‘Sexercises’ Campaign (Videos)

    The people at K-Y have launched a new ad campaign for their K-Y Gel. It’s called Sexercises, and it imagines a hot new trend in exercise designed to help you keep those (possibly atrophied) sex muscles in shape while improving your performance in bed. Sexercise classes aren’t real, at least not yet, but that hasn’t […]

  • Tom Ford Wood and Tobacco Scented Colognes

    Tom Ford Wood and Tobacco Scented Colognes

    One of the many pies with Tom Ford‘s finger inside it is male fragrances, and now there are a couple of specialty scented colognes from Tom Ford that will bring your aroma into previously undreamed levels of masculinity. Those scents include “Wood” and “Tobacco,” two smells that have become a lot less common in the […]

  • Fresh Balls: “The Solution For Men”

    Fresh Balls: “The Solution For Men”

    Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time for the plague of what can only be described as “ball sweat” to reach the apex of its difficulty. But now there’s a product specifically for this problem, and since you order it over the internet, you don’t even have to face a CVS cashier when you […]

  • Kiehl’s “Ultimate Man” Soap-On-A-Rope

    Kiehl’s “Ultimate Man” Soap-On-A-Rope

    This ain’t your mother’s soap-on-a-rope: It’s the “Ultimate Man” Body Scrub Soap-On-A-Rope from Kiehl’s. Billed as a “fatigue scrubber,” the “Ultimate Man” soap is designed to exfoliate and deep-cleanse your skin, which makes it perfect for the cold winter months ahead. Kiehl’s “Ultimate Man” Soap-On-A-Rope is made from sloughing bran, oatmeal and pumice, the latter […]

  • Milk Ultra Light Moisturiser

    Milk Ultra Light Moisturiser

    One of the jewels of Milk’s line of high-quality moisturizers is their Ultra Light Moisturizer. Milk’s Ultra Light Moisturizer has got stuff like Aloe vera and Spirulina extract, so it nourishes as well as moisturizes. Although at least one review is saying that Milk Ultra Light Moisturizer isn’t as “light” as the name implies (you […]