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  • Castor Double-Flavored Gourmet Toothpicks (Video)

    Castor Double-Flavored Gourmet Toothpicks (Video)

    You might not have realized it yet, but reportedly toothpicks are “making a huge comeback.” That’s the word from PhoodStation, anyway, who happen to be the makers of the Castor, a new kind of toothpick for people who have grown bored with the usual thin splinter of wood that usually passes for a toothpick. The […]

  • Our/Vodka Coming From Berlin

    Our/Vodka Coming From Berlin

    Even if you consider yourself a vodka expert, it’s possible that you’ve never heard of the brand Our/Vodka. That’s because it’s a specially micro-distilled vodka from Berlin, Germany, and is only sold in local bars around Berlin. But that is about to change, with the success of Our/Vodka leading its makers to expand into the […]

  • 9 High-End French Presses for Sophisticated Coffee Lovers

    9 High-End French Presses for Sophisticated Coffee Lovers

    Instant coffee, Starbucks, McDonald’s, etc., might be good for most coffee chuggers, but if you feel you’re in a class above (and you have the requisite patience), you probably already know about the French press. It’s a different way to prepare coffee, but it pays back ample flavor dividends to the converted. Here are nine […]

  • Dead Guy Whiskey by Rogue Brewing

    Dead Guy Whiskey by Rogue Brewing

    The Rogue Brewing company has a handy side business manufacturing spirits in addition to the craft beers that they’re more well known for. One of those spirits is Dead Guy Whiskey, which the company advertises as being made from “the same three malts as Rogue’s Platinum medal-winning Dead Guy Ale.” Rogue’s Dead Guy Whiskey is […]

  • The 9 Best Blenders Money Can Buy

    The 9 Best Blenders Money Can Buy

    So you want to blend. All of your friends are blending, why not you? Well, buying a blender ain’t like buying a house or car, when pretty much anything you pick will be fine. This is blending. It’s important. You need to be sure you spend your money on just the right one. To help […]

  • 9 Best Beers for Summer 2014

    9 Best Beers for Summer 2014

    As I write this in Austin, Texas, it’s about 58 degrees outside and rainy. In other words, not very summer-like, which only means that I’m looking forward to summer even more than usual (most years, of course, it’s already here by now). And part of that anticipation involves looking ahead for the best beers for […]

  • 9 Most Expensive Chef’s Knives

    9 Most Expensive Chef’s Knives

    What kind of knives do you have in your kitchen? Do you even have any good knives? Maybe you’ve been saving up for when you finally get a decent set of chef’s knives, in which case you might be able to afford one or two of these, the most expensive chef’s knives on the market […]

  • Myken Whisky: The First Arctic Whisky on Earth

    Myken Whisky: The First Arctic Whisky on Earth

    Norwegians have up to this point been pretty much left out of the world whisky distilling business, but a group of Norwegians have announced their intention to break with that longstanding tradition. Their endeavor will go by the name of Myken Whisky, the first whisky to be distilled in an Arctic locale. One of the […]

  • F*cking Strong Coffee

    F*cking Strong Coffee

    If your morning java is too polite for your taste, Firebox has you covered with their bluntly named Fucking Strong Coffee. Aside from the funny packaging, this is advertised as a premium “blend of Brazilian and Honduran Arabica Coffee,” with a lot of complex flavors and, of course, loads of caffeine. Roasted and packed in […]