• ‘Terminator: Genisys': Motion Poster Unveiled (Video)

    ‘Terminator: Genisys': Motion Poster Unveiled (Video)

    Movies have changed a lot in the hundred-and-so years since they were invented, but modes of promotion have remained pretty much constant: Posters, trailers, TV and radio spots when possible, and now, internet promotion. But lately there’s been the development of the “motion poster,” which some movie theaters are equipped to display. And the producers […]

  • ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Drops Two Days Early (Video)

    ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Drops Two Days Early (Video)

    There was a teaser, then a teaser for the trailer, and now an actual, honest-to-God trailer for Jurassic World, here (in free and legal form) two days before the promised Thursday release. The Jurassic World trailer gives us a more fleshed out look at the titular theme park, which must have overcome a real public […]

  • ‘Jurassic World’ Gets First Teaser Trailer (Video)

    ‘Jurassic World’ Gets First Teaser Trailer (Video)

    One of the most iconic bits of business in Jurassic Park is now the inspiration for a new (and very short) teaser for Jurassic World, the upcoming sequel. I’m talking about the cup of water that reverberates even before the giant footsteps of the Tyrannosaurus Rex can be heard, although they can be heard loud […]

  • TV Reporter Mike Amor Hit by Skateboard Live on TV (Video)

    TV Reporter Mike Amor Hit by Skateboard Live on TV (Video)

    God bless remote TV reporters. They travel out to where the news is happening, regardless of whether their personal safety or well-being is jeopardized in the process. Australian reporter Mike Amor recently joined the ranks of those that have been hurt on the job, although luckily for us it wasn’t serious, so we can laugh […]

  • ‘Peanuts’ Official Trailer Released (Video)

    ‘Peanuts’ Official Trailer Released (Video)

    As multimedia franchises go, they don’t get much more beloved than Peanuts, Charles Schulz’s comic strip featuring Charlie Brown and his small band of friends/enemies/pets/siblings. Next year, a big-screen, computer animated movie based on the characters will come out, and the producers have whipped up an appropriately Christmas-themed trailer in advance of the release that’s […]