• #HomerLive: ‘The Simpsons’ Doing Live Segment in May

    #HomerLive: ‘The Simpsons’ Doing Live Segment in May

    It’s fitting that the final frontier for television animation – live broadcast — would be achieved by The Simpsons, since the show has reached so many other milestones over the course of its historic run. It’s also fitting that it would be identified via the hashtag “#HomerLive,” over which Twitter users can submit questions to […]

  • ‘Vital Signs': Apple’s First Original Series to Star Dr. Dre

    ‘Vital Signs': Apple’s First Original Series to Star Dr. Dre

    Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and many others have demonstrated that any tech company can make an original television series if they just have enough resources to make it happen. So it was only a matter of time before Apple got in on the action, which they now plan to do with Vital Signs starring Dr. Dre. […]

  • Final ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer Now Online (Video)

    Final ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer Now Online (Video)

    The saga of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice promotional blitz is about to come to an end with the release of the film on March 25th. Now, the final Batman v Superman trailer has hit the internet — they grow up so fast. The greatest innovation presented by the final Batman v Superman […]

  • Turtlecalls: $2 Calls From Someone Acting Like a Turtle

    Turtlecalls: $2 Calls From Someone Acting Like a Turtle

    When the internet first started to blow up, analysts thought that it would bring a new kind of economy to the world, one defined by quick and easy services provided for free (or for a nominal fee), with no overhead and no middlemen. That dream has mostly dissipated, but it lives on in Turtlecalls, an […]

  • ‘Street Fighter V’ Full-Length Trailer (Video)

    ‘Street Fighter V’ Full-Length Trailer (Video)

    Fighting game franchises don’t come much more beloved than the Street Fighter series, and the eagerly awaited fifth installment now has a big, flashy, cinematic trailer to stoke that anticipation to even greater temperatures in advance of the release of Street Fighter V later this month. The trailer for Street Fighter V emphasizes both returning […]

  • “Formation”: Beyoncé’s New Orleans Tribute (Video)

    “Formation”: Beyoncé’s New Orleans Tribute (Video)

    Beyoncé tends to approach fame in the same manner as Stanley Kubrick or D’Angelo: We don’t hear much for years, then all of a sudden she’s everywhere. Last night she performed in the Super Bowl halftime show, and around the same time she was releasing a single/video/short film: “Formation,” a previously Tidal-exclusive track that has now […]

  • ‘Star Wars Headspace': ‘Star Wars’-Themed Album Coming Soon

    ‘Star Wars Headspace': ‘Star Wars’-Themed Album Coming Soon

    One cool part about a pop culture phenomenon like Star Wars isn’t just the thing itself, but the other things it inspires, some of them more than a little unlikely on paper. Take, for example, the upcoming album from super-producer Rick Rubin entitled Star Wars Headspace. For Star Wars Headspace, Rubin has enlisted a wretched […]

  • ‘Jason Bourne’ Super Bowl Spot (Video)

    ‘Jason Bourne’ Super Bowl Spot (Video)

    Super Bowl commercials really aren’t as fun as they used to be, since most of the best ones are all released online days before the game, and a lot of the brands have “caught on” to the whole thing in an ultimately detrimental way. But last night’s game was still home to a cool movie […]

  • Wilson X Connected Basketball

    Wilson X Connected Basketball

    Not so long ago if you called someone “smart as a basketball” it would have been a pretty unambiguous insult (and a pretty funny one, depending on your delivery), but now we live in a world of smart everything. Enter the Wilson X Connected Basketball. The Wilson X Connected Basketball is equipped with an internal […]