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  • ‘Roddy Piper: In His Own Words’ Documentary Trailer (Video)

    ‘Roddy Piper: In His Own Words’ Documentary Trailer (Video)

    “Rowdy” Roddy Piper died in 2015, and there’s still a kilt-shaped hole in the universe that he left behind. Luckily for fans, a documentary about the pro wrestling legend/They Live star is now available for viewing, and as if that weren’t enough a portion of those $7.99 rentals of Roddy Piper: In His Own Words […]

  • ‘Ali: A Life’ – A “Complete, Unauthorized Biography”

    ‘Ali: A Life’ – A “Complete, Unauthorized Biography”

    Muhammad Ali has to be among the most written-about athletes – and written-about people – of the twentieth century, and by extension all time. But his life has yet to be subject to the comprehensive, unauthorized biography treatment, which makes tomorrow’s release of Ali: A Life something of a minor milestone. Alie: A Life is […]

  • C64 Mini: Miniature Commodore 64 Coming Next Year

    C64 Mini: Miniature Commodore 64 Coming Next Year

    The miniature gaming console trend is getting out of hand. My social media feeds this afternoon are flooded with people complaining about sold-out SNES Classic Editions and the consequent price-gouging on the secondary market, and now I found out that Retro Games is putting out a miniature version of the Commodore 64 next year, called […]

  • ‘Wolfenstein II’ “NO MORE NAZIS” Trailer (Video)

    ‘Wolfenstein II’ “NO MORE NAZIS” Trailer (Video)

    There is currently a distressingly large contingent of people out there who are suggesting, from the best of intellectual and moral intentions, that it’s not OK to punch Nazis. This despite the fact that Nazis are the worst people in history, and the fact that there are still plenty of them out there begging to […]

  • ‘Tomb Raider’ Upcoming Big Screen Reboot (Trailer)

    ‘Tomb Raider’ Upcoming Big Screen Reboot (Trailer)

    A little over 15 years ago, some brilliant movie producer realized that those popular adventure games for the PlayStation that rip off the Indiana Jones movies might make pretty good movies themselves. Then, the first Tomb Raider film was born, and Angelina Jolie became in many viewers’ minds the definitive Lara Croft.  Buckle up, though, because there’s […]

  • ‘LANDLINE.': Vans’ First-Ever Snowboarding Film (Video)

    ‘LANDLINE.': Vans’ First-Ever Snowboarding Film (Video)

    This is the year that not one, but two movies called LANDLINE. came out, albeit only one with that specific formatting (neither, tragically, is a Larry Cohen-penned followup to Phone Booth, Cellular, and Messages Deleted). The one we’re concerned with here is not the 90s-set comedy/drama starring Jenny Slate, but instead the first-ever snowboarding film […]