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  • ‘Monoliths': Concrete Ping Pong Tables/Sculptures

    ‘Monoliths': Concrete Ping Pong Tables/Sculptures

    Ping pong tables are generally not thought of as being particularly sturdy, usually having only the minimum physical strength required to support a bouncing ping pong ball and maybe a can of beer or two, and no more. But not only are the ping pong tables represented in Monoliths a lot stronger than normal, they […]

  • BAPE x Capcom Collaborative Collection Coming Later This Month

    BAPE x Capcom Collaborative Collection Coming Later This Month

    The universe of Capcom video games—which includes such legendary franchises as Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Resident Evil—is coming to A Bathing Ape retailer near you later this month. But pictures of the BAPE x Capcom collaborative collection have already made their way to the internet. The BAPE x Capcom collection includes imagery from the […]

  • PlayStation 4 Pro Unveiled

    PlayStation 4 Pro Unveiled

    Recently unveiled by Sony, the latest in the company’s PlayStation line of video game consoles is one for the professional, or at least the person who likes to think he or she could be a professional. It’s the PlayStation 4 Pro, a variant on the almost 4-year-old PS4 that provides technological upgrades in almost every […]

  • ‘Super Mario Run': Mario to Make His iOS Debut

    ‘Super Mario Run': Mario to Make His iOS Debut

    Mobile gaming is a huge, if under-appreciated, sector of the world of video games these days, so it’s interesting to note that arguably the most important icon in all of video games—Mario—has never had a mobile game of his own. But that will soon change, as Nintendo has announced the approaching release of Super Mario […]

  • ‘The Death of Video Game Box Art’ (Video)

    ‘The Death of Video Game Box Art’ (Video)

    Art forms seem to be dying all the time these days, usually followed by the revelation that the art form in question is not really dead, if you know where to seek it out in its vital form. The latest art form to be declared dead on arrival, however, appears to actually be dead, at […]

  • 8Bitdo Desktop Arcade Joy Stick

    8Bitdo Desktop Arcade Joy Stick

    I don’t know what this says about the world we’re living in, but it seems that the market for tiny arcade replicas is booming. The latest is from the specialty video game accessory makers at 8Bitdo, called the 8Bitdo Desktop Arcade Joy Stick. Recently unveiled at Cologne Gamescom and on Facebook, specific details on the […]

  • Rollholz: Handcrafted Retro-Styled Skateboards

    Rollholz: Handcrafted Retro-Styled Skateboards

    Hey, here are some questions: When did skateboarding become more about technology than skating? Who decided that skateboards needed to have touchscreens and wireless Bluetooth connectivity to be considered “cool?” Why do skateboards have to have Netflix now? The answers are, “I dunno,” “no one,” and “they don’t,” but that’s no reason not to appreciate […]

  • ‘Nintendo Power': First 145 Issues Now on

    ‘Nintendo Power': First 145 Issues Now on

    With the imminent release of the NES Classic Edition, the time has never been better to dig back into your complete library of back issues of Nintendo Power. What’s that? You don’t have the first 145 issues of Nintendo Power readily available? Good news: Those issues are now available for your perusal on 145 […]

  • ‘Domino’s DXP VR': A Virtual Reality Experience From Domino’s (Video)

    ‘Domino’s DXP VR': A Virtual Reality Experience From Domino’s (Video)

    You may have heard of the Domino’s DXP, the delivery joint’s specially-engineered car for making pizza deliveries. You may or may not care how a Domino’s pizza is transported from the store to your door, but you still may be interested in Domino’s DXP VR, a new virtual reality experience from Domino’s. Domino’s DXP VR […]