• Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept (Photos)

    Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept (Photos)

    Last night at the 2014 New York Auto Show, Land Rover got a lot of buzz over the unveiling of their new SUV concept, the Discovery Vision. To go along with the vehicle’s lofty name is an array of technologies that many believe will become standard in the future, but seem pretty incredible now. The […]

  • BMW X5 eDrive Concept

    BMW X5 eDrive Concept

      At the upcoming 2014 New York International Auto Show, one of BMW‘s big offerings will be the BMW X5 eDrive concept vehicle. Like you probably guessed from the name, the new BMW X5 eDrive is an SUV with a strong focus on environmental friendliness—it runs on a lithium-ion battery pack that, according to BMW, […]

  • Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition

    Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition

    To some people, the name “Volkswagen” will always be synonymous with the Volkswagen Beetle, that perennial classic automobile/excuse to punch your younger brother really hard in the shoulder. But they also dabble in pick-up trucks, like the Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition, a special edition truck specifically engineered for tough wilderness terrain. That engineering includes touches […]

  • Inkas Armored Vehicles

    Inkas Armored Vehicles

    Usually when you’re picking out an armored vehicle, you sacrifice variety for security. But Inkas Armored Vehicles goes beyond the usual slate of armor plated Cadillacs and Suburbans, via their selection of vehicles that offers a wide spectrum of options. Examples of some of the vehicles in the Inkas fleet include the Toyota Camry, the BMW […]

  • Volkswagen Polar Expedition Amarok

    Volkswagen Polar Expedition Amarok

    The 2014 Winter Olympics are starting on February 7th, and one of its sponsors is Volkswagen, who’s springing on the occasion with the Volkswagen Polar Expedition Amarok , a special edition of the Amarok truck specifically for navigating the harsh winter landscape of Sochi, Russia’s home for the games. The Volkswagen Polar Expedition Amarok is […]

  • 2015 Lincoln Navigator

    2015 Lincoln Navigator

    Lincoln has recently unveiled the latest model of their luxury SUV, the Lincoln Navigator. Changes in store for next year include a new “split grille,” which has recently become something of a new Lincoln signature. And that’s just the front of the SUV. Inside, the 2015 Lincoln Navigator has a new 370 horsepower 3.5L V6 […]

  • Ken Block Unveils The RaptorTrax

    Ken Block Unveils The RaptorTrax

    Pro rally driver Ken Block was apparently uninterested in shoveling any snow this winter, so he had his Ford F150 SVT Raptor transformed into the RaptorTrax by Hoonigan Racing Division. They completely eliminated the wheels on the truck, and replaced them with Mattrax, which, in addition to the truck’s new paint job, makes the Ford […]

  • 2015 Porsche Macan SUV: Official Photos Released

    2015 Porsche Macan SUV: Official Photos Released

    Legendary automaker Porsche‘s latest entry into the world of SUVs is still on the way, but some cool advance photos and information on the 2015 Macan have hit the internet. It comes courtesy of Italian magazine Quattroroute, which got a hold of the press photos and some specs on the 2015 Porsche Macan SUV ahead […]

  • SportChassis P4XL: “The Ultimate Luxury SUV”

    SportChassis P4XL: “The Ultimate Luxury SUV”

    Lots of products get billed as “the ultimate this” or “the ultimate that,” but it still takes some courage to call your SUV the “ultimate” in its field. That’s exactly what the makers of the SportChassis P4XL have done, and if looks can be believed, they might just be right. Measuring 22 feet long and […]

  • Jaguar C-X17 Concept

    Jaguar C-X17 Concept

    Legendary car brand Jaguar is the only mainstream automaker without a single production SUV to its name. But that might be about to change, if the recently unveiled C-X17 concept car makes it into production. The Jaguar C-X17 concept is an unusually restrained design from the company.  At first glance, it looks like just another […]