• BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept Car

    BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept Car

      Yet another concept car is here from BMW, this one provoking speculation that it may be the next in BMW’s upcoming flagship 9-Series. It’s called the BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept Car, and it is giving attendees of the 2014 Beijing Motor Show a look at BMW’s plans for the future of luxury automobiles. […]

  • Can-Am Outlander 6×6 1000 XT ATV (Video)

    Can-Am Outlander 6×6 1000 XT ATV (Video)

    A new ATV from Can-Am is billed as being “built for life,” and it has the technical specs to back up that impressive claim. It’s called the Can-Am Outlander 6×6 1000 XT ATV, equipped with an intuitive “6-FEEL Drive” system and much more. The Can-Am Outlander 6×6 1000 XT ATV is powered by a Rotax […]

  • Bugatti Veyron Black Bess Edition

    Bugatti Veyron Black Bess Edition

      The latest in Bugatti‘s six-part Bugatti Legends series has been unveiled by the company, and it breaks the pattern established by previous cars in the series. Instead of being named for a famous person integral to Bugatti’s history , the fifth Bugatti Legends entry is named after a legendary car from Bugatti’s past: The […]

  • 50th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang (Photos)

    50th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang (Photos)

    In case you weren’t excited enough about the standard 2015 Ford Mustang, Ford has recently announced that they will also be putting out a special edition of the legendary car in honor of its 50th anniversary. It’s called, creatively enough, the 50th Anniversary Edition 2015 Mustang. The 50th Anniversary Edition 2015 Mustang from Ford will […]

  • Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition

    Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition

    New from Audi and unveiled at the New York Auto Show comes a special upgrade to its RS7 car. It’s called the Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition, which shares a name with one of its added features: Dynamic Ride Control suspension, which is said to make an already smooth ride even smoother. In addition to Dynamic […]

  • Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept (Photos)

    Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept (Photos)

    Last night at the 2014 New York Auto Show, Land Rover got a lot of buzz over the unveiling of their new SUV concept, the Discovery Vision. To go along with the vehicle’s lofty name is an array of technologies that many believe will become standard in the future, but seem pretty incredible now. The […]

  • 2015 Corvette Z06 Convertible

    2015 Corvette Z06 Convertible

    You don’t have to have any knowledge of automobiles to figure out why convertibles usually don’t make the top of any high-performance lists. That droptop tends to require a lot of structural support elsewhere in the vehicle, and that extra weight of course leads to lower speeds. But Chevrolet has a new Corvette convertible on […]

  • BMW X5 eDrive Concept

    BMW X5 eDrive Concept

      At the upcoming 2014 New York International Auto Show, one of BMW‘s big offerings will be the BMW X5 eDrive concept vehicle. Like you probably guessed from the name, the new BMW X5 eDrive is an SUV with a strong focus on environmental friendliness—it runs on a lithium-ion battery pack that, according to BMW, […]

  • 2014 Mercedes SL400

    2014 Mercedes SL400

    Recently unveiled by Mercedes, it’s the 2014 Mercedes SL400, the latest high-performance luxury vehicle from the company, replacing its own previous SL350 model. In terms of performance, the new Mercedes SL400 boasts a 3.0 liter biturbo V6 that propels it with less displacement (about half a liter less, to be more precise) than the SL350’s […]