• 2015 Corvette Z06 Convertible

    2015 Corvette Z06 Convertible

    You don’t have to have any knowledge of automobiles to figure out why convertibles usually don’t make the top of any high-performance lists. That droptop tends to require a lot of structural support elsewhere in the vehicle, and that extra weight of course leads to lower speeds. But Chevrolet has a new Corvette convertible on […]

  • 2014 Mercedes SL400

    2014 Mercedes SL400

    Recently unveiled by Mercedes, it’s the 2014 Mercedes SL400, the latest high-performance luxury vehicle from the company, replacing its own previous SL350 model. In terms of performance, the new Mercedes SL400 boasts a 3.0 liter biturbo V6 that propels it with less displacement (about half a liter less, to be more precise) than the SL350’s […]

  • The Broon F8: A Luxury Electric Car for Kids (Photos)

    The Broon F8: A Luxury Electric Car for Kids (Photos)

      For most kids, cars are a symbol for the threshold of adulthood.  And for most adults, luxury cars are a symbol for the rewards of wealth that they’ll never actually have. But some kids are just born lucky, and for them there’s the Broon F8 series by Henes Co. The Broon F810, F840, and […]

  • LAPD Gets Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car (Photos)

    LAPD Gets Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car (Photos)

      I knew Los Angeles was a hip town, but before today I had no idea that even the cops in LA have a strong sense of style. At least, that seems to be the case with the newest recruit to the Los Angeles police force: a Lamborghini Gallardo police car. Unfortunately, the LAPD Lamborghini […]

  • 9 Environmentally Friendly Cars that Aren’t Lame

    9 Environmentally Friendly Cars that Aren’t Lame

    The general school of thought regarding environmentally friendly cars is that as a motorist, you have to choose between your conscience and whatever part of the brain it is that handles being cool. But as these nine cars demonstrate, that’s an old way of thinking. You can be good (or at least less bad) for […]

  • 2014 Maserati Alfieri Concept

    2014 Maserati Alfieri Concept

      A new concept car has been unleashed on the world from the people at Maserati. It’s the Maserati Alfieri, a high-performance riff on the Maserati GranTurismo recently revealed at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The 2014 Maserati Alfieri is named after Alfieri Maserati, one of the two brothers who founded the brand a hundred […]

  • 2015 Ford Mustang

    2015 Ford Mustang

      At the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, one of the highlights is the unveiling of the 2015 Ford Mustang. Photos of the classic car‘s return have been controversial, but the 2015 Mustang managed to impress in person. The 2015 Ford Mustang is the sixth generation of the classic model, and represents a “back to the […]

  • 10 Things Every Man Should Know About Cars

    10 Things Every Man Should Know About Cars

    I’m not one of those people who waxes macho poetic about guys and cars. If you love cars and want to spend all your spare time working on them, great. If you’d rather be golfing, great. To each his own. That being said, even guys who don’t care about cars probably need to drive them. […]

  • 2015 BMW X4

    2015 BMW X4

    Some have accused legendary automaker BMW of saturating the market with two many series and lines of vehicles that are basically indistinguishable from one another (or at least not distinguishable enough). And according to some, the newly unveiled 2015 BMW X4 isn’t going to sway too many from that opinion. That’s because the X4 looks […]