Looks Like About 12 Fans Showed Up To Watch Royals-Rays Play Baseball At Kauffman Stadium (PICS)

by: complex On  Wednesday, May 1, 2019


On Wednesday, the Tampa Bay Rays were in town to take on the Kansas City Royals and no one else seemed to care.

The Rays are an impressive 19-10, but the home team is just 10-20 and showing no signs of being able to turn it around in 2019. The Kansas City Royals have the second-worst record in baseball and haven’t been competitive in two years.

The fans know this, so they show it by not showing up.

Wednesday at Kauffman Stadium, it looked as if there were more players on the field and in the dugouts than fans in the stadium.

To be fair to the fans, the average cost to attend a game with two hot dogs, two beers and parking ranks as baseball’s seventh-most expensive. Being terrible on the field combined with being expensive gets you the 28th-ranked attendance.

The Royals, however, did send the 18 fans in attendance home happy with a 3-2 victory.