Liebian International Building: Chinese Skyscraper Boasts 350ft Waterfall (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Liebian International Building

I recently caught the film Skyscraper at my local cineplex, and it depicts a state of the art skyscraper in (where else?) China, with state of the art features and a Macguffin that a group of international terrorists try to get their hands on. I thought that was the end in skyscraper innovation, but now I know about the Liebian International Building, a new skyscraper design with an outstanding key feature.

That would be the 350-foot waterfall, which is built right into the building’s 400-foot structure. The building itself is not complete, but according to news reports the waterfall itself is, and has been functional for up to two years. Take a look at how the whole thing will look once it’s done in the video below:

You can read up on the Liebian International Building right here. And to see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson surfing down the waterfall to save his wife and kids, wait until Skyscraper 2 hits a theater near you.