Venom Cheese: Supervillain-Inspired Black Cheese Offered by Indonesian Restaurant

by: Joseph On  Thursday, July 19, 2018

Venom Cheese

In the western world we tend to be sort of picky about what color foods we eat (even if we care absolutely not at all about ingredients and chemicals in our food). Willie Brothers is a restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia that is offering an illustration of this cultural difference with a Hollywood-worthy tie-in to boot: Venom Cheese.

“Venom Cheese” gets its name from Venom, Spider-Man’s enemy and soon to be feature film antihero. The character has long been known for the sentient black goo that makes up his costume, and the cheese that bears his name resembles that goo unmistakably, thanks to the magic of activated charcoal infusion.

Venom Cheese and all its attendant menu items — chief among them the Venom Cheese Beef Burger — were reportedly available last month, and may still be, since Venom doesn’t even come out until October. So if you’re going to be in Jakarta in the near future, keep a look out.