‘Burning Secret’: Lost Stanley Kubrick Screenplay Found

by: Joseph On  Monday, July 16, 2018

Burning Secret

Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick is one of those artists at a level of fame and notoriety where even the marginalia of his body of work is worthy of study. But a full blown lost screenplay by Kubrick is on another level entirely, and that’s the recent discovery by a Bangor University professor who has revealed a copy of a screenplay by Kubrick entitled Burning Secret.

Burning Secret is an adaptation of the 1913 novella of the same name by Stefan Zweig, and is described by Kubrick expert Nathan Abrams as “the inverse of Lolita,” about a predatory man who befriends a young boy in order to get closer to the boy’s mother (Lolita, of course, turned into a film by Kubrick in the early 60s, is about a predatory man who befriends a mother in order to get close to her daughter).

Burning Secret was made into a film in 1988 by some idiot who isn’t Stanley Kubrick, but the possibility of Kubrick’s take on the material is tantalizing for fans. Read up on the lost script right here.