CIMON: A Free-Floating AI on the International Space Station

by: Joseph On  Monday, July 2, 2018


Real life’s ceaseless march towards a scifi cyberpunk future continues, this time thanks to Airbus, which has developed a free-floating AI droid for use on the International Space Station. It’s called the Crew Interactive Mobile CompanioN, or CIMON for short. Here’s Manfred Jaumann of Airbus in a press statement on CIMON’s significance:

“We are the first company in Europe to carry a free flyer, a kind of flying brain, to the ISS and to develop artificial intelligence for the crew on board the space station … With CIMON, crew members can do more than just work through a schematic view of prescribed checklists and procedures; they can also engage with their assistant.”

CIMON constructed/3D printed from plastic and metal, and is engineered to help ISS crew members with menial tasks, as well as to provide all the warmth and companionship you would expect from a modern-day HAL 9000.

You can read more about CIMON at the official Airbus site right here.