‘The Now Now’: Watch Gorillaz Play Their New Album Ahead of Its Release (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, June 25, 2018

The Now Now

The Now Now, the upcoming new album from those crazy haired cartoons in Gorillaz, isn’t scheduled to come out until June 29th, but the band recently graced an audience at The Boiler Room in Tokyo with a full audio-visual performance, and now that performance is online for fans to enjoy.

Snoop Dogg and Jack Black are two of the celebrities you’ll find within The Now Now, which also features the band itself in some slick animated onscreen segments. But here’s the catch: The performance is only streaming for 24 hours, 22 of which are already up! So you better go ahead and watch it right now if you’re interested:

Time’s a wastin’ so I better hurry up and get this thing published, but for more Gorillaz stuff where The Now Now came from, you can take a look at the band’s official site right here. And the album itself comes out as scheduled on June 29th.