Starbucks Cold Foam Tea Lemonades

by: Joseph On  Friday, June 22, 2018

Starbucks Cold Foam Tea Lemonades

It seems like these days a successful Starbucks beverage needs to be visually compelling as well as flavorful, all the better to capture those precious Instagram and Twitter hits more efficiently. Which may explain the unveiling of the new line of Starbucks Cold Foam Tea Lemonades.

Starbucks Cold Foam Tea Lemonades are so named for the fancy-schmancy foam on the top of each drink, which I guess must taste good or be refreshing or whatever. They come in two separate flavors, one for each time of day a gainfully employed individual is most likely to find themselves inside a Starbucks: Summer Sunrise and Summer Sunset.

The Starbucks Cold Foam Tea Lemonades are reportedly part of an initiative by the coffee chain to attract more customers with brightly colored beverages like its “Dragon Drinks” line and various secret menu items. You can read about this veritable Starbucks rainbow right here, and watch for the new tea lemonades to hit the menu at your local ‘Bucks soon if they haven’t already.