‘Everything Is Love’ by The Carters is Now Streaming on All Platforms

by: Joseph On  Monday, June 18, 2018

Everything Is Love

I know a lot of people out there are annoyed by the concept of Tidal exclusives, but personally they only bother me when they remain Tidal exclusives, indefinitely (see: the last Prince album). The Carters, aka Beyoncé and Jay Z, have opted for a different approach, launching their first joint album Everything Is Love on Tidal but today making it available on all other major streaming platforms.

Everything Is Love is still on a limited release model as of now, with only Spotify Premium users able to access the record. But even freeloaders on the service will reportedly be able to get it on July 2nd, provided they can wait that long.

For any Spotify Premium subscribers who may be reading this, you can take a listen to Everything Is Love by The Carters below. Hopefully, this means an era of wider availability of the artists’ discographies is on the way soon.