Whopper Donut from Burger King for National Doughnut Day (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Whopper Donut

Last week I told you about Krispy Kreme’s observance of National Doughnut Day. Back then I told you that in America, you can celebrate National Doughnut Day any way you choose, but even I didn’t expect Burger King to be among your options in that regard. That was before I learned about the Whopper Donut. 

Far be it from me to second-guess the Burger King marketing department, but it seems to me that the Whopper Donut is actually more of a Donut Whopper, since it’s a Whopper with a donut hole removed from the center rather than a donut that looks/tastes like a Whopper sandwich (and thank God for that). And, in case you’re worried about not getting your money’s worth, the hole is made up for with a free mini-slider that comes with it.

Check out the Whopper Donut in the video below, and at your local Burger King on National Doughnut Day, June 1st.