Les Parfums: Louis Vuitton’s First Men’s Fragrance Collection

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Les Parfums

“L’Immensité.” “Orage.” “Sur la Route.” “Nouveau Monde.” and “Au Hasard.” No, these are not the members of some new French boy band, but instead the fragrances that make up Les Parfums by Louis Vuitton. It’s the brand’s first ever line of fragrances for men, which is something to get excited about if you’re a man who loves fragrances.

Of course, Louis Vuitton hasn’t really been in the fragrance business at all for too long, releasing their first one in 2016. Like that first line, Les Parfums comes from LV’s own perfumer Jacques Cavallier, with a bottle designed by Marc Newson.

You can read up on all those fragrances and get some descriptions of their aromatic properties here, but of course to get the full experience you’ll have to splash some on your neck and see wherever it is the night ends up taking you. Good luck out there everybody, and stay safe.