Not Gonna Happen Coin: For Those Difficult Easy Decisions

by: Joseph On  Monday, May 14, 2018

Not Gonna Happen Coin

You know how sometimes you know the right answer to a question, but you have to ask somebody else in order to solidify it in your mind? Questions like, “should I do laundry today or keep watching House? Even though it’s technically possible for me to do both?” For these situations in life, there is now the Not Gonna Happen Coin. 

The Not Gonna Happen Coin is basically the inverse of those “heads I win, tails you lose” coins, but for decisions that require a strong No rather than a Yes (the opposite side from the one seen above says “Flip Again”). Look, it’s a novelty flipping coin, I don’t know what you do with it. Break it out at parties? Honeymoon humor? The possibilities are endless.

Just ask your Magic 8-Ball if the Not Gonna Happen Coin is right for you, and if all signs point to yes you can grab one at the Cool Material Shop right here for $18.95.