‘Arrested Develoment Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences’ Now Streaming

by: Joseph On  Friday, May 4, 2018

Arrested Develoment Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences

The history of Arrested Development, possibly the greatest sitcom ever made is almost as tangled and convoluted as the exploits of the Bluth family. Today’s, uh, development probably won’t change that, since it represents yet another innovation of the sitcom form: A “remix” of the show’s controversial fourth season, released under the title Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences, now available to stream on Netflix, just in time for Cinco de Cuatro.

Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences rejiggers the season’s unusual single-character-per-episode structure into something more closely resembling a more conventional season of television. And as series creator Mitch Hurwitz revealed in the tweet below, the season will soon be followed up with an actual, new, fifth season of the show:

You can catch Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences at the show’s adopted Netflix home right now, and stay tuned for more information on that upcoming fifth season.