Whopper No Show: Burger King Romania Lets You Exchange Airline Boarding Pass for a Whopper

by: Joseph On  Thursday, May 3, 2018

Whopper No Show

I tend to cover a lot of crazy fast food promotional stunts on this site, but usually the ones that don’t originate somewhere in North America can be traced to Japan. Now, Burger King Romania has topped them all with a totally bonkers promotion called Whopper No Show.

Here’s how Whopper No Show works: The only Burger King currently operating in Romania is located after the security check at the Romanian airport. So, the only way to enjoy a Whopper in that blighted nation is if you’re flying somewhere else. Or at least, that was the case before this promotion, which encourages Whopper cravers to purchase a low-cost fare, go through airport security, and exchange their boarding pass for a (sorta) free Whopper.

No, I did not make this up. You can see it for yourself at the official Whopper No Show site right here. And if you happen to be reading this in Romania, here’s that excuse to go to their airport and eat a Whopper you might have been looking for.