Arby’s Bourbon BBQ Triple Stack

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Arby's Bourbon BBQ Triple Stack

The fast food maniacs at Arby’s are bringing back the Bourbon BBQ menu, which features sandwiches with its barrel-aged bourbon barbecue sauce. There are three different types of meat you can choose from when selecting a sandwich, but just in case you can’t choose just one there’s the Arby’s Bourbon BBQ Triple Stack.

The Arby’s Bourbon BBQ Triple Stack contains crispy chicken, Angus steak, AND smoked brisket, as well as “brown sugar bacon, crispy onion strings, cheddar cheese, bourbon BBQ sauce, yellow mustard and Worcestershire sauce,” a potentially lethal combination of flavors, especially if nap-inducing counts as lethal. It reportedly has 65 grams of protein as well as 910 calories, so you’ll probably have to split it with a friend unless you’re a maniac yourself.

It’s not quite up to the towering standard of the Arby’s Meat Mountain, but the Arby’s Bourbon BBQ Triple Stack is a formidable challenge of its own. Be careful out there, meat warriors.