Oriental Science Fiction Valley: Virtual Reality Theme Park in China Opens (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Oriental Science Fiction Valley

In the future, virtual reality will likely be a big part of the amusement park industry. And Oriental Science Fiction Valley may go down in history as one of the pioneers in that field. Here’s park CEO Chen Jianli in a recent TV interview:

“There’s fierce competition in the theme park market right now. We are trying to give customers a new experience by combining modern technologies such as VR and [augmented reality] with traditional recreational facilities. The sci-fi part of it is important for the feeling it creates.”

Oriental Science Fiction Valley is located Guizhou, China, and its key feature at least from a purely visual perspective is probably the 174-foot towering mecha that acts as the park’s de facto mascot. Take a look at the park in the (English-language) news clip below:

Other amusement parks have incorporated virtual reality into their attractions, but Oriental Science Fiction Valley is reportedly the first to have virtual reality in all of its rides. Read up on the park right here.