Foodgod 24 Karat Buffalo Wings

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Foodgod 24 Karat Buffalo Wings

Celebrity chef Jonathan Cheban, otherwise known as Foodgod, is teaming up with New York sports bar The Ainsworth for an extremely — well, classy is probably not quite the right word for it — twist on sports bar staple chicken wings: Foodgod 24 Karat Buffalo Wings.

Foodgod 24 Karat Buffalo Wings are literally covered in edible 24-karat gold flakes, so that “24 karat” reference in the title isn’t just a figure of speech, and Foodgod himself describes the dish as “The most expensive and insanely tasting 24k Gold Wings in the world” in the introductory Instagram post you can check out right here.

But to check out the actual Foodgod 24 Karat Buffalo Wings in all their gold-plated glory themselves, you’lll have to head to one of The Ainsworth’s New York locations. There they’re available in a few different price variations, the most expensive being 50 wings and a bottle of Armand de Brignac for $1,000, but really a bargain at any price.