‘Pollution Pods’: Art Installation Replicates Air Conditions of Various Cities (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Pollution Pods

Traveling through this big beautiful world, and you’re sampling a smorgasbord, a veritable cornucopia if you will, of pollution. A dash of smog here, a mouthful of carbon dioxide there, and every city is just a little bit differently. But now, Londoners can sample the pollution of a handful of different cities, thanks to an art installation entitled Pollution Pods by Michael Pinsky.

Pollution Pods are five interconnected, transparent geodesic domes that replicate the air condition and smells of various cities, including New Delhi, Sao Paulo, London, and Beijing. Then, just to rub the whole thing in, the last dome captures the pristine, clean air of Norway’s Tautra Island.

You have to be in London to fully experience Pollution Pods, but you can take a look at the installation in the video below:

Pollution Pods is now on display at Somerset House in London, and for more you can hit up the space’s YouTube channel here.