Mikkeller Wreck Ale Based on Lost Beer from 150 Years Ago (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Mikkeller Wreck Ale

Gather ’round kids, and I’ll tell ye a tale of the time the S/S Neva wrecked and ended up at the bottom of the ocean. It happened in 1861, and while there were no casualties the ship’s cargo — beer from more than 30 different breweries — was lost. Now, that beer is back, kind of, in the form of Mikkeller Wreck Ale.

Brewery Mikkeller teamed up with White Labs and the Ternen dive team to create Mikkeller Wreck Ale. It was brewed with yeast that was actually cloned from that found in those over-150-year-old bottles, and replicated in ingredient, flavor, color, and ABV determined through chemical analysis of the once buried treasure.

Mikeller is releaseing Mikkeller Wreck Ale at a special event on April 26th. But you can read a whole lot more about the project at the brewery’s official site right here, as well as by checking out the video below.