Kobra-1 Foam Dart Blaster: A Nerf Gun Alternative for Adults

by: Joseph On  Monday, April 23, 2018
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I’ll never forget the humiliation I felt when I was ejected from the Reform Club in London. I smuggled in a standard Nerf blaster and fired several darts at my cohorts, only to be treated like some kind of an idiot in response. If only I’d had the Kobra-1 Foam Dart Blaster back then.

The Kobra-1 is sort of an alternative to Nerf blasters for mature adults, and designed to stand up to the rough and tumble world of adulthood:

“Hand-crafted from premium materials including polycarbonate, UHDP, epoxy, and carbon steel screws. This blaster is a tank: over-engineered and built for the roughest play.”

The Kobra-1 also sports a sleek, minimalist design that will make you wonder how you ever equipped yourself with a Nerf blaster choked to the gills with childish, ornamental frills. Check it out on Kickstarter right here, where pre-orders start at $112 and up, and shipments slated for August, 2018.