Lemon Lime & Cucumber Sprite Coming to the UK

by: Joseph On  Friday, April 20, 2018

Lemon Lime & Cucumber Sprite

There’s a magnificent Jewish-style deli near my apartment, and I often go there for a sandwich when the mood strikes. One aspect of the deli experience I have not yet tried is cucumber soda, specifically Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray, which is considered by purists to be the perfect accompaniment to a pastrami sandwich. I might be too late, though, since Lemon Lime & Cucumber Sprite is coming to the UK, and the flavor might be about to go mainstream.

Lemon Lime & Cucumber Sprite probably has enough of the former flavor to win over anybody who’s skeptical about a cucumber-flavored soda, and it sounds pretty refreshing for muggy summer days. But, maybe it tastes terrible!

The only way to know for sure is to head to the UK, where Lemon Lime & Cucumber Sprite will reportedly be available soon, as well as no sugar/calories variant. Stay tuned to see if any version of this makes its way to North America.