KFC Hot & Spicy Photoshop Campaign

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, April 18, 2018

KFC Hot & Spicy Photoshop Campaign

There’s something about the idea of fried chicken visually resembling explosive combustion that isn’t exactly appetizing to me, personally. But far be it for me to second-guess the latest ad campaign from KFC and advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong, especially since this KFC Hot & Spicy Photoshop campaign is probably one of the least bizarre KFC promotions to come down the pike in a while.

The idea behind all of the KFC Hot & Spicy Photoshop pics (starting with the one seen above) is the same: The brand’s Hot & Spicy chicken, in the right context, looks like an explosion. You get it? When you eat KFC Hot & Spicy chicken, it’s like you’re eating an explosion. Wow!

Check out the KFC Hot & Spicy Photoshop campaign right here. And the next time you see a huge explosion, if you start craving fried chicken, at least now you have an excuse.