‘Sega Ages’: A Collection of Classic Sega Games Coming to Nintendo Switch

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sega Ages

It’s a good time to be a nostalgic video game enthusiast. The Nintendo Switch has no shortage of games from your wasted youth, and Sega recently announced a whole … well, “new” probably isn’t the right word … of Switch releases under the Sega Ages banner. The first, naturally, will be Sonic the Hedgehog, and you don’t have to know Japanese to read the logos for the rest of the games in the brand’s announcement tweet:

Sonic the HedgehogPhantasy StarAlex Kidd in Miracle World, the arcade version of Gain Ground and Thunder Force IV will all be included in the initial Sega Ages lineup, and the series will reportedly include 15 titles when all is said and done. Sega also promises new features, but specifics on that count seem to be low as yet.

There also aren’t too many specific release details for Sega Ages, but if you’re rusty on your Japanese you can read what information is available right here for now.