‘Big Chano: 25 & Alive’ Birthday Playlist Curated by Chance the Rapper

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Big Chano: 25 & Alive

Yesterday was Chance the Rapper’s 25th birthday. It’s OK if you didn’t get him anything, but in his typically generous fashion he along with Apple Music has given us something for the occasion: A specially curated playlist of 31 of Chance’s favorite songs entitled Big Chano: 25 & Alive. 

Big Chano: 25 & Alive stretches back to classics from artists like Bill Withers and Michael Jackson, but it’s mostly made up of recent hits like “Nice for What” by Drake. None of his own songs made it to the playlist, but he does pop up as a featured artist on Cardi B’s “Best Life,” and fellow Chicago native Kanye West is healthily represented with three tracks: “We Don’t Care,” “Champion” and “Impossible.”

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you can listen to the entirety of Chance the Rapper’s 25th birthday playlist Big Chano: 25 & Alive right here. If not, I’m sure it wouldn’t be prohibitively difficult to put together another version through YouTube or Spotify.