“A Very Special Message from Deadpool” Reveals Bright Pink Suit (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, April 4, 2018

"A Very Special Message from Deadpool"

Even hyperverbal mercenaries have to give back to their communities every once in a while. “A Very Special Message from Deadpool” from Ryan Reynolds and the fundraising masters at Omaze reveals Mr. Wilson doing just that for the cause of cancer research. And, if you donate, you’ll have a chance to win his special, one of a kind pink suit for the occasion.

“A Very Special Message from Deadpool” features a newly pink Deadpool lounging on a couch and quipping about what the winner might do with his or her new pink Deadpool suit. And don’t worry, there’s no mention of any risk of having to hang out with the guy in the official prize package:

  • Score a custom-made, pretty ‘n’ pink Deadpool suit
  • Own a piece of film marketing history—potentially with perspiration from Wade Wilson
  • Join Deadpool in sending a big F-you to cancer by supporting the incredible work of LetsFCancer

Get in on the action for a good cause right here.