‘The Land of Maybe’: A Short Rock Climbing Doc from The North Face (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, April 2, 2018

The Land of Maybe

The North Face is one of those outdoor/athletic apparel brands that dips into documentary filmmaking from time to time. Last month there was A Love Letter to Winter featuring the brand’s snow sports team, and now it’s The Land of Maybe, starring The North Face’s sponsored team of rock climbers. Here’s the official synopsis:

“Travel with us to the remote Faroe Islands where Cedar Wright, James Pearson and Yuji Hirayama take on the world’s largest sea cliff in a climbing expedition like no other.”

Not something I’d likely be interested in in the real world, where I have no desire to find myself splattered against a steep wall of rock. But since The Land of Maybe is only a movie, and at less than 15 minutes a pretty short one at that, I suppose I might give it a try. If you feel the same way you can check it out for yourself below: