Balispoon: A Spoon Inspired by the Infamous Butterfly Knife

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, March 21, 2018


The technical name for the infamous and mostly illegal “butterfly knife” is “balisong,” and you have to know a guy to get one in most parts of the world these days. But the law ain’t yet been writ that says you can’t carry a spoon around in case you run into any sudden bowls of cornflakes, and so we have the Balispoon. 

To eat cereals or stews like Frank Castle, just reach into your pocket, grab your Balispoon, flip it open, and enjoy, as a crowd of jealous children begins to gather around your personal vicinity. “That’s the guy,” they’ll whisper to each other. “That’s the butterfly spoon guy.”

If you want to be the butterfly spoon guy, head over to Boker’s online store right here, where you can purchase a Balispoon for a little bit under $27. Just be careful out there, okay? The mean streets are still mean even if you have a spoon.