‘Black Panther’ Animated Series from 2011 Now Streaming on YouTube (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, March 19, 2018

Black Panther animated series

In a rare example of a major media company actually having its stuff together, availability-wise, Marvel has put the entirety of the very cool 2010 Black Panther animated series up on its YouTube channel for fans to watch for free.

Produced in 2010 and first aired in the US on BET the following year, the Black Panther animated series was always billed as a “motion comic” and consists of six episodes of about twenty minutes each. That means you can watch the whole series in less time than it will take you to watch the Black Panther movie again, but the point is that you now have more T’Challa adventures to enjoy on the screen. Here’s the first episode, and be sure to take special notice of the show’s awesome theme song:

To see the rest of the Black Panther animated series, head over to the official Marvel YouTube channel right here.