‘Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon: The Greatest Movie Never Made’

by: Joseph On  Thursday, March 8, 2018

Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon

Everybody has a favorite movie, but it takes a truly cultured mind to have a favorite movie that doesn’t exist. It might be the Wachowskis‘ Plastic Man movie. It might be George A. Romero’s Resident Evil. Or it might be the movie that serves as the subject of the new Taschen book release: Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon: The Greatest Movie Never Made.

Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon is probably as close as fans can get to seeing the master director’s infamously abandoned Napoleon project without actually traveling to the multiverse cineplex where all unmade movies can be viewed from other timelines. And it’s an affordable reissue of one of Taschen’s signature limited editions from 2009:

“Based on the original 2009 limited edition which featured ten books hidden inside of a carved out reproduction of a Napoleon history book, this publication brings all the original elements together in one volume.”

You can get more information on Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon: The Greatest Movie Never Made at the book’s Amazon listing right here, where pre-order copies are going for a hair over $50 in advance of its March 20th release.