‘On Cinema 5th Annual Oscar Special’ Now Online

by: Joseph On  Thursday, March 8, 2018

On Cinema 5th Annual Oscar Special

In case you weren’t lucky enough to find yourself at a Six Bags Cinema franchise location on Sunday night, there’s a good chance you missed the latest chapter in the sprawling On Cinema at the Cinema saga, the On Cinema 5th Annual Oscar Special. Fortunately for you, Adult Swim has now put the whole thing up on their website.

If you’re not familiar with On Cinema, here is the briefest possible primer: Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington play two podcasting people versions of themselves, locked in an unending movie review show that acts as a sort of clearinghouse for every disaster and debacle in Heidecker’s (fictional) personal life. Meanwhile, Gregg just wants to talk movies from his own strange, sometimes delusional viewpoint. If you are familiar with On Cinema, you already know the deal with the On Cinema 5th Annual Oscar Special.

Of course, whichever group you fall in, if you’ve got the time you can catch up on the whole On Cinema train wreck in progress at the Adult Swim site right here, where you can also find the On Cinema 5th Annual Oscar Special. Good luck.