Jet Capsule: A Luxury Mini Yacht for the Refined Gentleman

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Jet Capsule

There’s no shortage of unusual aquatic vehicles targeted at the ultra-wealthy these days. But few if any of these triumphs of excess have ever looked quite as supervillainous as the Jet Capsule, which appears all the world to be like some kind of giant floating helmet that Lex Luthor would take to his Legion of Doom meetings.

The 24-foot Jet Capsule has room for up to nine Legionnaires inside, and is purportedly highly customizable on the inside, with upgrades on seating and even a “comfort model” for archfiends that prefer to fly solo, featuring a couch-bed combo and a private bathroom and kitchen. But as you can gather by checking out the photo up at the top, the look of it is the main thing, and there’s also an array of color options to that end.

The Jet Capsule mini yacht appears to be in a pre-sale phase, but you can get plenty more info and sign up for future updates at the craft’s official site here.