‘Three Minutes’: Apple Presents a Short Film Shot with the iPhone X (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, February 2, 2018

Three Minutes

I remember a few years ago when it became cool to shoot stuff with an iPhoneTangerine was shot with one, Park Chan-wook shot a short film with one, and for a while it started to seem like everything would be shot with iPhone cameras soon enough. Now, the trend appears to be resurgent, with Soderbergh’s upcoming thriller Unsane having been shot with an iPhone X, and Apple itself getting in on the action with a new short film entitled Three Minutes. 

Three Minutes is, believe it or not, seven minutes long. It’s commemorating the Chinese New Year, in addition to the iPhone X’s cinematic capabilities, of course. Here’s the pitch, straight from Apple Singapore:

“If your family reunion only lasts three minutes, what will you do? A unique Chinese New Year story shot on iPhone X by director Peter Chan.”

You can check out Three Minutes for yourself below.