GENiUS Ball: A Smart Golf Ball to Improve Your Game (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Feedback on your golf game can come from many places – friends, family, strangers – but traditionally the humble golf ball is more of a silent partner in the greatest game ever played. Now, however, there’s the GENiUS Ball, a smart golf ball that’s packed with tech for improving your game.

The GENiUS Ball is also known as the “Ball with a Brain,” and can provide data including the location of the ball within a foot, time and distance of the roll, spin rate, distance to pin, ball velocity, and a bunch of other metrics that I’m not smart enough even to understand. Maybe these guys can, though:

You can see everything the GENiUS Ball can do at the product’s IndieGoGo listing right here, where you can also order some of your own, starting at fifty bucks for a dozen. A price like that shouldn’t be too much of a drain on the Czervik family fortune.