“The Last Meal”: A Shocking Commercial from Burger King France (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Last Meal

There are many, many reasons to abolish the death penalty – moral reasons, ethical reasons, economic reasons, efficacy reasons, and so on. But a recent commercial from Le Burger King sheds light on yet another reason that is less remarked upon than the others: In a society without the death penalty, you can make ads that play on execution tropes like “The Last Meal” without breaching good taste.

The premise of “The Last Meal” is simple, and could never serve a commercial made in a society that puts criminals to death – an inmate set for the electric chair orders his customary last meal, which is revealed to be, naturally, a Whopper and fries (side-note: No cheese? If I were eating my last meal, I’d get cheese). What happens next is like something out of a¬†Fantomas¬†serial, but I won’t spoil it, you can go ahead and watch it for yourself below: