Williams Tactical Key Unlocks Self-Defense

by: Joseph On  Monday, January 22, 2018

Williams Tactical Key via Cool Material

Like a lot of people, I’ve sometimes wondered how I would fare if I had to fight somebody off armed only with my keys. Women, unfortunately, have much more occasion to wonder about things like that, but the efficacy of the technique has pretty much been debunked. Unless, of course, you have the Williams Tactical Key. 

The Williams Tactical Key is named for its inventor, martial arts instructor and Keeper of the Key James Williams. Its handle is shaped to allow for the key-through-the-fingers technique to actually work. As for what it would do if you jammed the sharp end of it into the side of an attacker’s neck, I will leave that up to the reader’s imagination.

You can get the Williams Tactical Key for ten bucks at the CRKT online store right here. Just an FYI, though, in case you’re not as sharp as the key: You can’t use it to start your car or open your apartment.