Flamenco Ice Tower from Structural Ice is World’s Tallest

by: Joseph On  Friday, January 19, 2018

Flamenco Ice Tower

The world can sometimes seem to be decaying at an alarming rate. But not everything is getting worse – take the field of ice towers, for example, the best days of which may very well be in the future. That’s the message behind the newly erected Flamenco Ice Tower by Structural Ice, the tallest ice tower in the world.

The Flamenco Ice Tower can be found in the Chinese city of Harbin, which is apparently known as “the ice capital of the world,” (sorry, Coldville, Alaska). The tower was made by inflating a tower to its 100 feet of height, spraying the structure with some kind of sprayable ice, then removed the inflatable part. What remained was the thin-walled Flamenco, the TALLEST ICE TOWER ON THE PLANET EARTH!

Ahem, sorry. Anyway, you can read more about the Flamenco Ice Tower at Designboom right here – let the great ice tower race begin.