‘Falling on Your Arse in 1999’: Tom Hardy’s 1999 Mixtape Resurfaces (Audio)

by: Joseph On  Friday, January 19, 2018

Falling on Your Arse in 1999

I can remember when I was a kid, looking at the MySpace pages and IMDb message boards that made up so much of the internet back then, and wondering when people killing time online would begin to become famous in the entertainment industry. The answer, unbeknownst to me at that time, was whenever it was that Tom Hardy started appearing in movies – his old MySpace page was dug up a while back, and now his 1999 mixtape entitled Falling on Your Arse in 1999 has made its way back to the internet of 2018.

Hardy has alluded to his aspiring rapper past before, but Falling on Your Arse in 1999 is the first project of his to come to light since he became a movie star. Evidently he had a bit of success back then though, getting a recording contract and linking up with producer Eddie Too Tall, who produced the masterwork in question.

Check out Falling on Your Arse in 1999 below – I haven’t heard it yet, but supposedly it’s pretty good: