Skittles Super Bowl Ad Will Be Seen by Only One Person (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, January 18, 2018

Skittles Super Bowl Ad

Despite mountains of media hype to the contrary, I think the whole Super Bowl commercial fervor has been pretty played out for quite a few years now. An inspired mind at Skittles HQ must have realized this, because the brand has decided to do something pretty radical in the field of advertising: Create a “real, multimillion-dollar” Skittles Super Bowl ad that only one person in the entire world will ever be able to see.

The new 2018 Skittles Super Bowl ad will reportedly be a polished, professional production, featuring an appearance from at least one famous celebrity. But only 17-year-old Marcos Menendez of Canoga Park, CA will be able to see it – the national audience at home will instead get to watch Marcos watch the commercial. Maybe it would be better if I just let a reputable newscaster explain the whole thing instead:

Keep an eye on the whole Skittles Super Bowl ad saga at the Skittles Facebook page right here.